MBS Wellife  EXPO November 2019 Lecture/Presentations:


The following schedule is subject to revision and addition.
Weekend Opening Welcome Ritual Ceremony Circle Saturday.

9:45 AM: Special Blessing Circle Singing Bowl Sound Current Ritual, Meditation: Calling in spirit to assist & bless us with peaceful presence for the guidance & abundance that is ever with us, we gather in the circle with Kari Chapman, Karen, Kacy, Ken-Adi, and all who wish will participate…

10:00 AM: Doors Open and the Show begins… Though Public is invited to 9:45 meditation.

Saturday Presentations: From 11 am to 5:30 pm. 

11 AM:  

Noon: DR. Mary Baxter offers a presentation on intuition, pendulum dowsing and muscle testing. this is an experiential presentation where participants will gain an understanding of the differing kinds of intuition, how to connect into the intuition that is in their highest good, how pendulum dowsing and muscle testing are related to intuition and connecting with inner wisdom. participants will get to experiment
with pendulum dowsing, muscle testing, and the concepts covered in the presentation.

1 PM: Kari Chapman Presents: NEW PRESENTATION: FIRST TIME EVER for the public. The Akashic Records- Kari will lead you in A Guided Healing Meditation to / through the Akashic Records: It’s not so much about the information in the Akashic Records, but the Healing Energy in the records. You will be given a special symbol that will allow you to access your records .

Rev. Kari will be guiding you in a Healing meditation that will open, balance and align all Chakras ( energies centers in our body ) with all bodies, the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, that will prepare you to be guided in a very special healing, Through the Akashic Records. She will guide each of you to YOUR Akashic Records, thus allowing YOU to experience the healing.

Archangel Michael will be bringing through a process that will help you to Step OFF the Wheel of Karma and Re-claim your FREE WILL. Bring pencil and paper, you WILL want to take notes, Open Q and A . Mini readings during our Q and A, time allowed.  www.namaste-wi.com.    kari@namaste-wi.com  920-648-3580

2 PM: Empowerment is Yours; Compassion Calls: You are being lead. Step by step across a span. It is time to pick up your mat, not look back and start to occupy this new promised land. Through expressive writing, emotional clearing, dream interpreting, destiny declaring and speaking life into your story, soul and spirit you will establish the bridge of transformation and transcendence! Are you ready to start? This is your invitation, join Beth Turner, Michelle Trehey, Anell Daniels. Your Destiny Calls. Please bring a notebooks and writing tool and an expectant heart.

3 PM: Mindfulness Meditation with Ken-Adi Ring: Awareness is key. Explore this key to calming your mind, creating change actually affecting your brain plasticity.  Using Body, Space, awareness to still the mind; apply the power of breath for support, experience empowerment leading to happiness. Key simple vipassana techniques, can change your attitude and empower your focus bringing you closer to moments of bliss and compassion. This is a powerful tool for helping your everyday activities and reducing and letting go anxiety. Your breath is your ally, a powerful yet subtle tool, and hypnotic crisis buster, bridging the mind, body and spirit contributing to a peaceful world. Contact Adi: 608-444-3039 or Emale: kenadiring@gmail.com 
NOTE: We will discuss the utilization of all sense doors as well as 

4 PM: See our Documentary  “Lady Roxanne” 


Roxanne Kremer,Ex Director & Founder 


9:45 am: Special Blessing Ritual, calling in a sense of presence and gratitude for the guidance and abundance that is ever with us: Ken-Adi Ring, Kari Chapman, others & all who wish will participate.

11 AM: Mapping Your Vision And Other Mystical Secrets: with Rev. Lynette Corsten. Lynette will introduce you to the energy of mapping your dreams.  Starting with a meditation to open your energy fields and chakra’s Mapping works best when you can visualize one idea, wish or dream. The more detailed you are the faster your wish will come true. She will bring supplies to help you start your map in this workshop. Her extensive back round in Astrology, Mediumship and the Tarot will aid in working with the group. There will be time for Q & A at the end. Lynette can be reached @ thenextages@hotmail.com or text 262-893-6760.

NOON: Emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom Ellen Turgasen will discuss WHY the Emergence is happening at this time in world history, WHAT we can expect as Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom step forward, and HOW we can actively participate both individually and collectively in this momentous time. Discover more about this extraordinary event and why the future is, indeed, bright! Contact Ellen: 608 255 9355  Email: eturgasen@gmail.com; Web Site: www.share-international.us/mw

1 PM: Hypnosis and Past Life Regression: Learn how simple and empowering directives to the organic and subconscious mind can have a meaningful effect on change in your life. Organic given the Neuroplasticity and the Brain Mind singularity is flexible. With hypnosis we utilize the tool of the brain to access mind and bridge across to spirit where we can cross over into past life regression. 

2 PM: Energy Medicine Works! with Medical Intuitive, Carol Swanson, MA: Learn how your innate body wisdom/ ‘inner physician’ holds the key to restoring your body’s health! Carol shares her two-prong approach to achieving wellness from chronic health conditions. She will demonstrate the value of intuitive health reading to identify frequently missed subclinical health conditions and reveals how Meridian therapy identifies 5 main factors creating illness in the body that can be released. Carol works worldwide as a medical intuitive, master energy healing therapist and wellness specialist.

3 PM: ECK WISDOM ON SPIRITUAL FREEDOM: Are you everything you want to be?  You came into this life to spread your wings and live in freedom-heart, mind, and Soul! Author and living spiritual master, Harold Klemp, puts the tools of spiritual freedom firmly in your grasp. Join us and learn a spiritual exercise and share in a discussion about the ECKANKAR perspective on spiritual freedom. FREE BOOK with attendance. Presented by ECKANKAR ministries.

4 PM: Near Death Experience (NDE), After life and Past Life Communications: Join Dr. Steven Spyrison as he shares ideas and that of great compassionates such as Dr.Raymond Moody, Eliz Kubler Ross, and similarities of NDE and after effects of UFO contactee experiences. A classic is Danion Brinkley thrice struck by lightning.  Explore further the After Life of Billie Fingers, & Dr. Eben Alexander- Harvard Neurosurgeon who had multiple NDE’s and authored Proof of Heaven and now believes that the human brain is not connected to human consciousness ( ie that our consciousness is not from the body or brain so much as the “MIND”).  Embraced by the Light of this multi media presentation, you are encouraged to seeek, ask questions and perhaps share a piece of your journey. You are invited to share your story your journey. Steve is available for further contact: 815-291-6631, Email: SSpyrison@msn.com

Free Introduction to Hypnosis, Special segments of interpretation, New Dimensions of discovery and research redefine the uses and empowerment of Hypnosis. New evidence of how effective it is and use of Self Hypnosis that can impact changes in Brain Plasticity.

Become a change agent as a Professional Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist;  Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis and How self-hypnosis can work for you. Use Hypnosis as a part time or full-time source of income serving others!  Look ahead for free offerings, workshops and trainings.

We’re grateful for the services and grace of our fine local & nationally known
Vendors, Authors, Speakers, Consultants and participants.

Thank you. We bless you and wish you well on your journey.

November 2 & 3, 2019

Sat. & Sun. - 10 AM - 5:30 PM


Radisson Hotel
Madison, WI

517 Grand Canyon Dr.

(at Odana Rd.)
Free Parking!

Admission is Just $5, 30% goes to support HospiceCare & Porchlight Homeless Shelters & other nonprofits

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