Wellife MBS EXPO Spring 2018 Lecture/Presentations:


The following schedule is subject to revision and addition.
Weekend Opening Welcome Ritual Ceremony Circle Saturday.
9:45 AM: Special Blessing Circle Singing Bowl Sound Current Ritual, Meditation: Calling in spirit to assist & bless us with peaceful presence for the guidance & abundance that is ever with us, we gather in the circle with Kari Chapman, Ken-Adi, and all who wish will participate…

10:00 AM: Doors Open and the Show begins…

Saturday Presentations: From 11 am to 6 pm. 

11 AM:  Opening our Speakers Presentations is Cave Yogi Sadhu, Francis Ananda Love also known as the Bliss Baba; Old Friend and Former Entomology Professor turned Sadhu Yogi. Ananda asks for and answers your questions about life, awareness, peace, compassion, conscious service and more. Join Ananda in a sacred circle discussion of questions and answers. Ananda Love, who spent over half his adult life in India, openly invites you to retreat at his cave hermitage to undergo cave sadhana near where he resides in Madrid, New Mexico. For more about the Bliss Baba please see below.

Noon: Yara Sound Collective: Experience healing on multiple levels with Crystal Singing bowls (and more) WITH Reiki! As your body drops into Meditation and the Theta brainwave state, sound vibrations travel through the body. Detox and release stress, anxiety, and energetic blockages while Reiki Life Force Energy further cleanses and supports your body’s healing. Yara Sound Collective is a Joyful Collaboration of Krista Pfohl of Luna Frequency Reiki, Moira Farrell of Hike and Heal Wellness and Niomi Pearson, Yoga Instructor and Pranayama Guide. Learn more about us and ALL our unique offerings at www.madisonreiki.com, www.hikeandheal.com, www.madisonsoundhealing.com

1 PM: Aligning and Balancing Your Chakras Meditation With Kari Chapman: Kari will lead you in a Guided Meditation that will open, balance and align ALL Chakras ( energy centers in the body ) with ALL bodies, the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. This HEALING will help YOU to release ALL your Fear, Guilt, Shame, Grief, Illusions, and connect your to Cosmic Energy. You will NOT want to miss this Gifted Healing.
Kari will be available for PRIVATE SESSIONS before and following this terrific presentation in her Hotel Room.

2 PM: Energy Medicine Works! with Medical Intuitive, Carol Swanson, MA: Learn how your innate body wisdom/ ‘inner physician’ holds the key to restoring your body’s health! Carol shares her two-prong approach to achieving wellness from chronic health conditions. She will demonstrate the value of intuitive health reading to identify frequently missed subclinical health conditions and reveals how Meridian therapy identifies 5 main factors creating illness in the body that can be released. Carol works worldwide as a medical intuitive, master energy healing therapist and wellness specialist.

3 PM: Emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom Ellen Turgasen will discuss WHY the Emergence is happening at this time in world history, WHAT we can expect as Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom step forward, and HOW we can actively participate both individually and collectively in this momentous time. Discover more about this extraordinary event and why the future is, indeed, bright! Web Site: www.share-international.us/mw

4 PM: Self Hypnosis and Transformation: Learn how simple directives to the subconscious mind can have a meaningful effect on change in your life. Neuroplasticity and the Brain Mind singularity is flexible and has managable plasticity.

6:15 PM Dances of Universal Peace Program led by Steven Vedro with live music accompaniment has been proposed and is being considered. The Dances of Universal Peace are a transformative embodied spiritual practice, merging the power of sacred phrases with simple dance steps to create an experience of Unity, Compassion and Presence. Our dancing will connect us to the soul of everyone in our circle, creating a vortex of Divine Blessing for all of us and for the entire world. No dance experience, special clothes or a partner is required. You’ll leave with a warm heart, a blessing, and a smile.


To be amended.
9:45 am: Special Blessing Ritual, calling in a sense of presence and gratitude for the guidance and abundance that is ever with us: Ken-Adi Ring, Kari Chapman, others & all who wish will participate.
11 AM: TBA

NOON: Discussion on Reality, Peace and Compassion: Ananda Love, Cave Yogi Speaks to your inquiries. For more information click HERE.

1 PM: Mindfulness Meditation with Ken-Adi Ring: Discover the key to calming your mind and experience bliss and happiness affecting your brain plasticity.  Using Body, Space, awareness to still the mind using the power of breath for support. Key simple vipassana techniques, can change your attitude and empower your focus. This is a powerful tool for helping your everyday activities and reducing and letting go anxiety. Your breath is your ally, a powerful yet subtle tool, a hypnotic crisis buster. This simple tool can bridge the mind, body and spirit contributing to a peaceful world.

NOTE: Regarding MINDFULNESS MEDITATION and LOVING KINDNESS: Much research has been done recently and results of practice are evident: WELL-BEING: Increases positive emotions, feelings of social connection & decreases negative emotions HEALING: Decreases migraines, chronic pain, PTSD & schizophrenia-spectrum disorders. Emotional INTELLIGENCE IN THE BRAIN: Activates empathy & emotional processing in the brain, increases and affects plasticity. STRESS RESPONSE: Increases your ability to enter a relaxing and restorative state, slows aging. SOCIAL CONNECTION: Makes you a more helpful person, increases compassion, empathy, social connection, decreases bias towards others. SELF-LOVE: Curbs self-criticism IMMEDIATE & LONG-TERM: Is effective even in small doses and has lasting impact.

Experience the power of the Spiritual Laws taught by the Ancient Order of Vairagi Masters.
Learn how to re-envision Your Life with the Spiritual Law of Creativity.
During this presentation, you will learn how having a living spiritual Master can benefit you in your daily life, and hear one woman’s story of how she utilized the spiritual laws to become more happy, healthy, wealthy and wise.  You will learn a spiritual exercise and have the opportunity for questions and group discussion.
Learn a spiritual exercise and receive a FREE BOOKLET.

3 PM: Energy Tools for the Constantly-Connected: with Steven Vedro: Do you worry about becoming addicted to your smartphone? Do you sense that social media is distorting your sensory experiences and ‘mediating’ your most personal relationships? Then come to discover the spiritual metaphors of our texting, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook obsessions. Then, learn about using energy healing tools, sound and movement, guided journeying and full-conscious awareness, to strengthen your chakras’ ability to block negative energies and moderate your brain’s addictive hunger to stay always-connected!

Steven Vedro is a retired technology consultant to universities and public broadcasting station, assisting them in planning and managing digital media initiatives. In 1989, he created The New Tech Times, a national PBS series on emerging consumer electronic technologies. Steven is a graduate of the Inner Focus School of Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing, a student in the Ruhaniat Sufi Order, and a leader-in-training of the Dances of Universal Peace. He is a Ritual Elder in the Mankind Project, an international transformational men’s community. His book, Digital Dharma, was published by Quest Books in 2007, and has been reprinted in four foreign-language editions. He has presented workshops at numerous venues including the International Conference on Science and Consciousness, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the Center for Conscious Creativity, and the Inside Edge Educational Foundation. He latest project is myblessingcircle.coman internet-based portal and INSTAGRAM feed for sending anonymous loving-kindness blessings to strangers.

4 PM: NDE or Near Death Experience, After Life Communications and  Past Life: Join Dr. Steven Spyrison as he shares his ideas and that of greats such as Dr.Raymond Moody, Eliz Kubler Ross, and similarities of NDE and after effects of UFO contactee experiences. A classic is Danion Brinkley thrice struck by lightning.  Explore further stories such After Life of Billie Fingers, and Dr. Eben Alexander- the Harvard Neurosurgeon who had multiple NDE’s and authored Proof of Heaven and now believes that the human brain is not connected to human consciousness ( ie that our consciousness is not from the body or mind),  Embraced by the Light. You are encouraged to ask questions and perhaps you have your story. You are welcome to share it. Steve is available for further contact. Email: SSpyrison@msn.com

Free Introduction to Hypnosis, Special segments of interpretation, New Dimensions of discoveries and research redefine the uses and empowerment of the Hypnosis. New evidence how effective it is and use of Self Hypnosis that can impact changes in Brain Plasticity. Look ahead for free offerings and full workshops and trainings.
Become a change agent as a Professional Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist; Free introduction to Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis and How self-hypnosis can work for you. Use Hypnosis as a part time or full-time source of income serving others!
We’re grateful for the services and grace of our fine local & nationally known Vendors, Authors, Speakers, Consultants and participants.

Thank you. We bless you and wish you well on your journey.

March 30 & 31, 2019

Sat. 10am-6pm & Sun. til 5:30pm

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