Wellife Expo Psychic Reader/Consultants:
March 30-31, 2019

Advance Appointments can be made with our Psychic Readers or Spirit Guide Artist
Call 608-444-3039. You can schedule at the show w/possible wait time.

Andre Ferrella: YOUR Spirit Guide Artist! Madison WI, Andre brings a Quantum Experience in multidimensionality.  Visionary Artist, Andre creates or brings forth onto canvas a quality lifelike likeness of your spirit guide in a 30 minute to 1 hour sitting at this EXPO;  Known worldwide for his, canvas pieces, oils, spirit boxes and other works of magic he is spiritual a engineer and multimedia creator of Spiritually based Multidimensional & Metaphysical works of Fine Art. He teaches the Art of Photoshop at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater. Contact: 608-381-1441 Email: Andreferrella@gmail.com  website: www.AndreFerrella.com

Lanitta Elder: Starseed Visions- Lanitta has for decades provided Oracle Readings and Shamanic Healings she brings these to you through our show. Contact her at: 608-633-3504   Email: Lanitta@gmail.com,  Facebook.com/shamanelder  

Dawn Hohlfeld:  Janesville, WI- Dawn is Clairvoyant, CNBT, and brings tools of palmistry, and tarot. She is an energy master. Contact: 608-373-4609 Email: morningstar6869@yahoo.com

Paul Hutto:  Janesville, WI – Use’s a combination of Clairvoyance (seeing past,
present, and possible future), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsenciant (clear sensing),
Psychometry (the ability to get vibrations off objects), Mediumship to bring in information for
the person that they may want or need to know to adjust or change their lives in a more positive way.
You may of heard Paul on Star Country and Q-106 with John Flint and Tammy Lee where he was a guest feature for many years. He can also be found in the book Famous, Mystics of Wisconsin. And has done countless fairs across the Midwest. Psychic Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Bone Spread Reader.  It is Saturday Only. We are honored and happy to have Paul back. Contact Paul: 608.758.4606, Email: paulseer@yahoo.com 

Carolyn Leverich: 608-450-0590 Oxford, WI – Wonewok Spiritualist Camp Trained Psychic Medium, Angel Card Reader, Animal Communicator, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Empathic Psychic- Home Clearings and Blessings-Angel Artist Life Coach-Instructor–Home and Phone Readings. Had unique abilities since childhood. carolynleverich@gmail.com

Ken-Adi Ring, LMT CH DM:  608-444-3039: Madison, WI – Thinks Outside the Box. Tools Adi utilizes are Voyager Tarot for your transformational journey, graphology (handwriting analysis), Celtic Runes and I-Ching divination. He is psychic clairvoyant, clairsentient, body-centered psychometry. Ken-Adi is in the book “Famous, Mystics of Wisconsin” and is Production CEO and Owner of Tri-Unity Wellife events for decades. Email: kenadiring@gmail.com, Website: www.kenadiring.com or www.wellife.org 

Carol Swanson, MA: 608-741-2083 Janesville, WI  – Medical Intuitive, Professional clairvoyant, medium, Reiki healing practitioner and teacher, Life Path-Past Life Consultant, Egyptian symbols reader, advanced certified hypnotherapist and emotional healing practitioner. Sunday Only
E-Mail: Carol.swanson@att.net Website: www.carol-swanson.com 

Kari Chapman: 920.648.3580 – As a Psychic Reader, Kari sessions are extremely accurate in accessing the Akashic Records. Kari is a Channel for Arch Angel Michael, and clairvoyant. She is one of our special vendor and reader combinations marketing sponsors.  Note: Kari schedules her appointments from her vendor table, too at “Namaste Retreat Center” booth in the Exhibit Hall. Contact her in advance recommended: E-Mail: kari@namaste-wi.com Namaste’s Web site is: www.namaste-wi.com

“Nothing beyond yourself can make you fearful or loving because nothing is beyond you.”  ACIM; T, 168 – T, 181


November 2 & 3, 2019

Sat. & Sun. - 10 AM - 5:30 PM


Radisson Hotel
Madison, WI

517 Grand Canyon Dr.

(at Odana Rd.)
Free Parking!

Admission is Just $5, 30% goes to support HospiceCare & Porchlight Homeless Shelters & other nonprofits

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