Harmonious Integration of Mind, Body & Spirit


Healing therapeutic influences abound and greet you in our show. There is an intimate variety we offer to you, our patrons, clients and/or students. We teach each other as we observe and respond.  As we see, feel, touch our way; we are 'touched' and invite you to a WELLIFE!  Please participate with us... 

In all our applications we wish you well in life!

Mission Statement and Dedication:

We are dedicated to the Harmonious Integration of Mind, Body & Spirit striving for wellness & harmony individually and collectively in our local and global community. We absolutely support environmental and ecological balance. Our commitment is to serve the highest good of the individual, thus, contributing to healthy functioning and participation in our society. Healing the Soul of our world, you and I are the Soul appearing as separate beings. It is a cosmic yoke. 

Much of life is attitude. The best attitudes come from Love, Forgiveness & Gratitude. We humbly thank You for your contribution to our local and global community. All life is sacred, to be part of it is an honor.

History of Features and Our Work:

'Tool Boxes' or arenas of endeavor providing wellness care and training we utilise and promote, for the good and wellbeing of all, in order of appearance professionally are:

The Art and Science of Yoga and Meditation, Practice and Instruction-1973 to present; Massage and Bodywork Therapy and Instruction-1974 to the present, Landmark Education 1978 to the present, The Annual Mother Earth Festivals, 1978 to 97 and revived in 2004; Psychic Fairs 1985-to the present; Intuitive Consultations, 1985-present: Reiki Master 1992 to the present, Production/Presentation of major, cutting edge, personal, spiritual and planetary awakening, Authors and Speakers, 1993 to present, such as: Master Herbalist and Shaman, Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Eagleman Ed Magau, Dan Millman, Deepak Chopra, MD, 3 times, Dr. Joan Borysenko 3 times, Dr Doreen Virtue, twice, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson. Spiritually Savvy Entertainers/recording Artists such as R Carlos Nakai, Chris Spheeris, Nicholas Gunn, Celia, Washuntara and Current Production of WELLIFE Mind Body Spirit EXPOS, 2001-2013, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Training 2002 to Present, NGH Trainings Certifiing Hypnotists, 2010 to present. 

Our Aim is High our love is great...