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Wellife mind, body, spirit, EXPO - October 14-15 Fall Show - 
Sheraton Hotel, Inspiration Ballroom 
Hope Seasonal changes are arriving at your door with ease and grace. Autumn is just around the corner.
Experience KARING Massage or Hypnosis! Release issues that have you stuck, stalemated; allow us to support your asspirations to be a better person, realizing good health and balanced life style. What ever you are doing or not doing Hypnosis Helps! Let Mr. Ring Assist you through your self made termoil and addictive behaviors. Definition: Behaviors that have you rather than you having the behavior out of choice. Learn About Self HYPNOSIS: Connecting to the Reality, Mystery and Possibility of YOU making needed changes by powerfully accessing your subconscious mind. 
Experience the transformational Power of the Mind to Liberate and Create with proper guidance.  
Please contact: Ken-Adi Ring 608-256-0080 or Cell: 444-3039 E-Mail: kenadiring@gmail.com                                                   
World Hypnotism Day Celebrated January 4 each year!
More general info?  www.worldhypnotismday.com.

“Hypnosis is known to be a successful approach for positive and healthy personal change,” says certified hypnosis instructor and consultant, Ken-Adi Ring, Madison’s National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Instructor.
“Hypnotism has been found to be quick, comfortable, effective, and lasting.” says Ken-Adi  
When I have 4 or more interested we will hold a class that trains you as a hypnotist.
For further information, call Ken-Adi: 608-444-3039  or  608-256-0080

Every year Hypnotists around the world will be presenting classes, lectures, demonstrations of hypnotism to improve the awareness of the uses and benefits of hypnosis.
“Life doesn’t have to be an unconscious reaction to the chance encounters of your everyday life. Or at the mercy of out of control addictions or unreasonable fears.
There is a safe and proven solution to escape the pain and struggle of an inauthentic life,” says Mr Ring.  

KARING HYPNOSIS SEMINARS-Facilitation and Discussion as outlined below have been discontinued until further notice.

Being able to forgive 'others' is vital to ones wellbeing. Learn to Source a loving, forgiving relationship with yourself and inspire yourself and others to a healthy attitude which can increase ones level of happiness and self-acceptance. We will look at the grieving a loss prossess as well and how can we do this, move on and evolve?!

We will start 'discover yourself' Meetings  7pm Provided on a Free Will offering basis...
These Monthly Group/meetings can be transformational! A Goal for these Groups is practical education and application; and are sometimes magical in experience, please read on

Exploring the Human condition and the mind open to all it's manifestations with an Idea of improving its grasp on life in the moment. Much of it will include a psycology and philosophy toward
saving ourselves from alienation and our earth mother from anihilation. Specifically, implement change in our selves utilising transformational tools of hypnosis, NLP, healing techniques, breath,
visualization, meditation, stilling & opening the mind. We'll let spirit lead.

2nd  Thursdays of the month set aside for group sharing led by me will include Transformation of Self, through hypnosis and learn Self Hypnosis. 
We'll discuss the ability to deliver empowering suggestions to friends, family and associates invoking change and wellness leading to a balanced life and world view. 

Information and Reservations: 608-256-0080 or kenadiring@gmail.com.  
Everyone is welcome to attend these special Thursday Eve  events.
Space is Limited, (Free Will Donations Accepted)

Location: KARING HYPNOSIS Offices 629 Spruce St. Madison, WI 

Looking ahead for a new Career Opportunity Part or Full time? 
Become a National Guild of Hypnotist (NGH) Certified Hypnotist!  
Hypnosis Course Detail Information:

NGH HYPNOSIS 100 Hour Course: Course Includes DVDs, CDs Texts, Tutorial Manuals, Study, Materials, NGH Membership & more 

Three weekends in fall and spring are considered... Course Scheduled at Belle Haven, Lake Retreat Center on Beaver Dam Lake,
-Dates Schedule tentative, overnight lodging available...some classes may be held in a Madison Location. 

This is an opportunity to register for the next NGH Approved Hypnosis Course Training Scheduled for the Summer Session. Inquire Today!
We are going to need more Consulting Hypnotherapists in this climate of change moving forward. The opportunity to help people get through their lives; dealing with issues during this time is ever increasing,
the need is there, for this profession. Join us! Earn a good living assisting  the living of others!

NGH Certified Hypnosis Course Registration is now closed for spring registration, we are taking registration for fall course.
Fee: $1500,10% off early registration $1350 by the deadline saving you $150.00 Prior to first class,
Course scheduled: October 20-22, plus first two weekends November are projected dates.
Save your space with a $350 (Non Refundable)Deposit A.S.A.P. 
Three weekends and a day. 
Location: Beautiful BelleHaven Lake Retreat center ; W9219 S.Sunset Point Road, Beaver Dam, WI;
one or two weekend dates could be held in a Madison location as well.

(Belle Haven Lake Retreat Center is open for Healthy, Meditative, Instructive, or Business meetings, or simply Retreat getaway rental throughout the year by the day, weekend or week)

What Students Say about Ken's teaching: 

"I enjoyed my experience with Ken and the hypnosis course...this will give me a good basic knowledge of Hypnosis prepared me as a Professional  Consulting Hypnotist, that I will continue to build on...Ken did a good job instructing, his knowledge and experience added much to the class"    Tracy Brooks.  I have had Hypnosis course in the past I think I appreciate Ken's style and access to knowledge and his ability to share it, Jae A.

I had fun and learned a lot about Hypnosis in Ken's NGH Course and would recomend it. Ken did a good job in presenting the material combined with his experience and additional handouts of advanced materials.   Dan Cutright

Reserve Your Space early: 608-256-0080  Maximum Attendance 12, minimum is 4. The course will provide complete training as a Professional Hypnotist, Consulting Hypnotherapist certifying you with the National Guild Of Hypnotists (NGH) the largest Allied organization in the world. Enabling you to help people live better lives while improving your relationship with them as well as in your family, social and service/business partnerships. 

For more information on course program and logistics see below or Go to: Upcoming Events

What You Get: National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Professional Certificate, Qualifiing you as a Consulting Hypnotist with World Class Recognition

Full Year Membership into the NGH plus Amenities upon completion, quarterly Journal and News Letter, Access to NGH Library for further education, CDs, DVDs, Books, Blogs and more:
Approximately 70-75 in Class Hours Plus 25-30 Hours Indipendant Study=100+ Hrs

Apply now for National Guild of Hypnotists Training and Express Your Empowered Self -

Assist others, Empowering them to improve, gain better abilities or release issues of unproductive behavior or addictions that stop them from fully living & achieving in life!

Learn to be a Certified Hypnotist through this Professional Training. Please Inquire:  Ken or Sally, Karen, 608-256-0080  kenadiring@gmail.com 

About your instructor: Ken-Adi Ring LMT, CH, CI

Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT), Ken-Adi Ring is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified NGH Instructor. He is a Wisconsin Licensed Massage/Bodywork Therapist (LMT) Practitioner and Yoga/Meditation Instructor and Consultant. A 24 Year veteran member of American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) Ring has maintained a thriving professional practice since 1975 and Consulting Hypnotist since 2003. Trained in multiple disciplines, Ken-Adi is a Reiki Master Healer and Teacher. He is a promoter of events and accomplished author and has traveled and taught internationally. 

The Following Is a Draft Of the Topics Considered Included in Each of the Levels Of Training to to take 100 hrs. of prep in four weekends. Your training guarantees you a program preparing you in skills enabling you as qualified Hypnotherapist or Consulting Hypnotist including introduction to age regression and Ericksonian hypnosis theory.
Past Life Regression and other more esoteric and serious advanced topics will need further specialised, training and practice to deepen the skill level.  


OBJECTIVE: To give you an over view of Hypnosis and to gain an understanding of what hypnosis is, and is not.  To enable you to deliver to subjects factual information necessary for the hypnosis session. To Master Primary and Secondary suggestibility tests for screening and acquire the skills to induce and deepen a level of hypnosis and administer properly worded suggestions.

· The History of Hypnosis
· Defining Hypnosis: Theories about and the nature of hypnosis.
· Types of Hypnosis
· Dangers of Hypnosis, Misconceptions and Myths
· Use of The Breath and Relaxation Techniques
· Uses of Hypnosis and Practice of Self Hypnosis
· Signs of Hypnosis, Hypnotic Phenomena
· The Hypnotic Environment and Use of Specific Aids
· Qualifications of the Hypnotist
· The Hypnotic Process - Contraindications of Hypnosis Client
· Determining Susceptibility & Suggestibility Testing
· Inducing Hypnosis: Various induction techniques, 
· Deepening Techniques & Depth Testing
· Working with and Creating Scripts
·The Body of the Hypnosis Session: Preparing and giving suggestions, direct and indirect  
   approaches, use of visualization and power drives, eliciting information and memory
   recall, post hypnotic suggestions.
· Dealing with Resistance and Abreactions
· Hypnosis and the Law: Legalities and Ethics


OBJECTIVE: Gain a thorough understanding of induction and suggestions and techniques, working with scripts, to help clients overcome a variety of issues, achieve their goals and/or improve various areas of their lives.  This will include introduction to writing your own and delivering scripts that will assist clients with a variety presenting issues.

· Ideomotor Responses
· Common Causes of Emotional Difficulty & Illness
· Questioning the Subconscious Mind
· How to Conduct an Actual Hypnosis Session: From A to Z
· Working with Groups
·Self Hypnosis Techniques
·Hypnosis for Habit Elimination Such as: Smoking, Nail biting, Teeth grinding, Procrastination.
· Preparing a Stop Smoking and Weight loss Program
· Regression
· Intro to Anchoring
· Using Hypnosis for: Stress, Self Image, Self-confidence, Weight loss, Memory and concentration.
· Improving Sports Performance
· Overcoming Fears and Phobias
· Health, Healing, and Pain Control

HYPNOSIS TRAINING (Advance Basic-Lev 03)

OBJECTIVE: Gain an understanding of avant guard methods and techniques to help clients overcome mental blocks and issues, achieve their goals or improve various areas of their life. We will explore some of the following. Deeper explorations will be the subject of more advance training specific to the following after one understands the basics of hypnosis applications.

· Ethics, Empathy and Transference 
· De-Hypnotizing and Suggestion Removal
· Progression and Projection Techniques
· Life Regressions Revisited
· Dream Therapy
· Working with Children
· Pregnancy and Childbirth
· Sexual Dysfunction
· Introduction to Ericksonian Hypnosis
· Introduction To NeuroLinguistic Programing NLP
· Introduction to Business and Marketing CDs, DVDs, & Manual included

· Exam (about 1 1/2 to 2 Hours)

BUSINESS & MARKETING (MKT-102)  Extra Credit Additional Full Day Session, tba.

OBJECTIVE: Gain knowledge in setting up and running a business. 
Marketing and  advertising for best results.

· Advertising & Free Publicity
· Location and Space
· Referrals & Networking
· Marketing Yourself
· Running an Efficient & Effective Business

LAB consists of hypnosis practice sessions conducted by students on each other during class hours as part of the In Class 75 Hours

INDEPENDENT STUDY consists of the same type of practice done outside of class with volunteers from the general public or related reading/studing.  Approximately 25 Hours


First, Second Degree & (Masters) 3rd Level Reiki Class: Winter/Spring/Summer 2016
Dates Pending; Will teach any group by appointment, Please Call.

Join Ken-Adi Ring, Reiki Master Teacher and ACIM student, for an enchanting series learning Reiki and its principles. In Level I you’ll receive Reiki First Degree Attunement, activating your innate ability to be your own “Healer” IE, give yourself the gift of channeling pure “Love” or ‘Universal Life Force’, initiating you into First Degree Reiki as Reiki practitioner.  You are entitled to this gift that permeates our deepest nature enabling you to engage others in their healing process through Reiki.

This attunement allows you to practice healing Reiki with your family, friends and clientèle. Special breath, meditation techniques, unique empowerment symbols and more will be taught and attuned.  Reiki allows one to “Awaken” to the Self. This gentle practice rediscovered by Dr. Usui (Japan) models the healing powers and the sacred and gifts brought in by the Christ light. The history of Reiki goes back further but was rediscovered and practiced by Dr. Usui in the late 1800's.

Date & Time: Reiki 1, 2, and 3 will be scheduled after Hypnosis Course program

First Degree Attunement Class: Saturday/Sunday-tba, 10:30am to 5:00pm  
Second Degree Attunements: Sunday tba, 12:00 to 5:00pm
Third Degree (Mastery Attunements) Sunday tba, 1-5:30pm

Advance Registration Advised For Materials and Planning advantages.

All Class Dates in clude Mindfulness meditation

Fee: Up to One Week in Advance, 
$325 first weekend level 1st Degree, $275, 2nd Degree, $300; 3rd degree, $795 altogether-saves.  12 Students Max per class. 

Info, Registration & Location Please Call: 608-256-0080 
NOTE: Second Degree Attunement Level Available if one feels ready - $201
Discounted to $120 for folks Who received First Degree Reiki Healing protocol here.

Ken-Adi Ring's Cell 608.444.3039. 

Most EXPOs & FAIRS Are located at the Sheraton Hotel or the Alliant Energy Center, Madison

These Madison locations are in close proximity to each other off the Beltline (12/18) at John Nolen and Rim Rock Rd exits. Many Hotels available for your 'make it a holiday experience'!

Map to Sheridan Hotel, Madison

Map to the Alliant Energy Center



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