Harmonious Integration of Mind, Body & Spirit


to be announced!  come back soon!

We are compiling an archived photo Journal of the events of the Past 35 years hosted,
sponsored or cosponsored by Tri-Unity Wellife Associates.  Our first effort in this new
web site domain is for the 20 year history of the Mother Earth Festival (MEF) Now temporarily
retired as an annual event.

The link is http://motherearthfestival.shutterfly.com/ FYI

Thanks to Paul S, a happy and grateful participant of more than one MEF and other events, for his work in posting all the pictures you see here. He said "The Mother Earth Festival Transformed my life". 

We plan to bring back the Mother Earth Festival in the spring/summer of 2011 or to bring forward a new level of the Mother Earth Festival Event, number 21in 2011for the the current generation and Millennium. Keep coming back...

Please contact us about any aspect of this project or any other area of our web site for questions or contributions to our efforts in forms of ideas or financial donations.