Harmonious Integration of Mind, Body & Spirit

About Us

Tri-Unity Wellife Associates, LLC (TWA) Has been thriving since our creation in 1975, our services include many aspects of wellness and awareness exploration to bring peace and healing to the individual and our planet. Tri-Unity offers the south central Wisconsin community a splendid avenue of personal and spiritual growth through individual massage and bodywork sessions. Groups and classes, workshops, fairs, and SPECIAL EVENTS & EXPOS are a major part of what we produce.
      Our Mission Statement: We are an association of staff and volunteers dedicated to the Harmonious Integration of Mind, Body and Spirit. We strive for wellness and harmony individually and in our local and global community. We support environmental and ecological balance. Our commitment is to serve the highest good of the individual, contributing to a healthy functioning and participation in our community.

      Wellife Enterprises (WE) under the TWA is one of south central Wisconsin's premer transformational special event producers. Past events include: Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, R Carlos Nakai, Joan Borysenko, Wayne Dyer, The Mystical Arts of Tibet, and Wellife Expos.

  –  Ken-Adi Ring
      Founder of Tri-Unity Wellife, LLC

Tri-Unity Wellife Associates
629 Spruce St. Madison, WI 53715

Member: Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce

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